Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some things good and some things not so good

Well I have been blogstalking random SAHM from Mississippi today and I found a few hilarious ones in the Hburg area. They however have 2-3 children all under the age of 3 and I can not even fathom how they do it. Being a Mommy is HARD and Being a SAHM is VERY hard. It is greatly rewarding but still hard nonetheless! One of the bloggers made a comment that stuck with me..."There are good days and there are bad days and there are always days with both sprinkled in."

It has been a rough week sleepwise in our household. I do not think there is one person in my life that understands the frustrations and stress that Carsyn's sleep problems cause. I wish I could talk to someone that could relate but unfortunately I have yet to find one. As I read back on my old blogs I noticed what a significant topic Carsyn's sleep has been. I wish I could express in words how awful it is. I mostly want to make sure that there is not something medically wrong with her but every time I mention it to the pediatrician they both have said "Well do you put her to bed awake?" and I want to scream "NO SHIT SHERLOCK! She has been screaming at night for 13 months even when she puts her self to sleep!" I know as you read this you will probably come up with lots of suggestions for me but seriously I have tried them all. And you probably will think that I am not doing "something" correctly but I have done everything just like the experts have said and I have tried doing the opposites of what the experts have said. I have let her cry and cry and cry. Nothing works. She still cries. This week she woke up almost every hour or two all night every night and cried herself back to sleep after about 7-10 minutes. This can't be normal! I know babies wake up every 90 minutes or so but why does mine have to scream everytime. I don't mean wimper or cry out I mean ear shrieking screams. Towards the beginning of the morning(4-5AM) I usually have to go in because she will cry for up to an hour and not let up. What is wrong with my child! And now that we are transitioning to one nap...Lord help us! She WILL NOT take the afternoon nap so I know that she is ready for one nap. I love my child with all my being but her sleep is keeping me prisoner. I got out of the phase where I watched the clock and drove myself crazy planning outings but being relaxed and trying not to care didn't work either. Anyway I just wish there was someone who could relate because of course misery loves company!

The angel LOVES her mommy! She has become a much more affectionate toddler than she was a baby. She will run up and just grab my leg and hug it and start giggling. Hearing that laugh and seeing her smile at me makes me able to endure all of the sleepless nights. Also the new funniest thing I have ever seen is Carsyn in her squeeky shoes. She received a pair for her birthday and wore them this weekend. She has finally discovered that she has the power to make them squeak and she will do a jig and run in place to make them squeak for you. Today when she wore her ruby slipper shoes to church she proceeded to start doing her tapping and was upset when she didn't hear the squeaks! It is sooo funny!

Mystery diagnosis.....A few weeks ago Carsyn broke out in a rash all over her body and I had NO IDEA where it came from. Anyway it finally subsided and this week it came back. My mother and I were discussing it and she jokingly said " Well you know every time she visits with your father she breaks out, so maybe she is allergic to him!" It did make sense but why? Last night when Carsyn was getting ready for bed Danny saw the rash and felt it and said this is what my body does when I get around anything washed in TIDE. So when my dad walked in the room I said what do you wash your clothes with and he said TIDE!!!! So she IS allergic to him (sort of) and not only does my child look like her father apparently she is going to have all of his inherit characteristics! Aren't genes amazing! So mystery solved....Capt. Pappy has to get new detergent!

Well no blog is fun without some pics so this is just for Lawren...a few snapshots before church in a new Christmas outfit.


Lyndsay said...

blogstalking...I thought I was the only one that did that! lol!

Everytime I get annoyed with Maddy not sleeping or screaming I listen to the song "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker and it makes me cry EVERYTIME! But it makes it a little easier to get through the day. I know Maddy's sleep issues are nowhere near what Carsyn's are...but maybe it will help! Other than that I have no help to offer...

If you ever need to take a nap or something during the day just call or text me and I have no problem keeping Carsyn for you!! I am home 99% of the time and I do not mind!!! I know what sleep deprivation can do to you and its not fun!

mom429420 said...

Hey Girl! I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with Carsyn's sleep habits. Unfortunately, I have no advice to offer. I can relate to having good days and bad days with reguards to being a stay at home mom. There are days I think about going back to work, but then Dylan says something cute or Brandon comes up and gives me a hug for no other reason than I am his mom. That makes it all worth it! Hang in there and I promise it will get better at some point!!!

Lawren said...

Amanda! I LOVE the jacket. It is so adorable on her. Crimson and houndstooth definitely suit her. :) I'm sorry about Carsyn's sleep issues.

katie said...

I was reading your blog...i have a 9month old with the worst sleep habits ever! He wakes up all night long almost every hour. Hes been doing it since he was 5 months! I wonder every day if it will ever get better. I just dont get it anymore ive given up trying to figure out why..and ive tried every sleep method. Carsyn is so adorable...i saw your blog from reeds page he is one of my friends!! :)

Kristy Brent Wallace said...

hey there. I have an 18 month old who did not sleep more than 2 1/2 hours at a time until he was 14 months old and then he just started sleeping through the night. I cried for 14 months.
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