Thursday, January 22, 2009

A well needed good day and sunshine

Goodbye Old man winter! You have exceeded your welcome in our warm state. We missed you at Christmas when you left us with an above average 80 degree day to celebrate our festivities, but now you can leave. Carsyn wants to play outside and your frigid temps and bitter north winds are not helping with both mine and her demeanor!

I am so thankful to have my warm sunshine and above average temperatures back today. Of course in normal Mississippi weather it will probably disappear again and return with a blasting 90 degree heat for which we will then complain again! I have noticed as a SAHM the weather has a MAJOR impact on mine and Carsyn's attitude! We both like it above 60 degrees please! I really feel for the moms in the Midwest! Gosh trying to get 2 layers on Carsyn is bad enough but snowsuits and such! ICK! Give me humidity any day!

So after my last posts (thanks again for the warm thoughts and comments from fellow miserable sleep-deprived moms) Actually Monday night (after the blog- do you think payback?) was the worse on record..she awoke at 3AM and did not return to slumber until 8AM! I was beyond exhausted the next 2 days. After that night I did not enter her room until 6AM even with the cries. She made it alive and still seemed to love me! In fact this morning when she awoke at 5:50 I went ahead and got my shower and let her cry and fuss until 6:20 to see if she would go back to sleep. She did not but at least I got my shower in and she was still fine when I went to get her. It kills me when people tell me "My kid lays in bed and talks to the animals etc etc until I come get them." Yeah right! In the past I have gone to get Carsyn quickly to stop her wailing so that she won't wake her father who will be working 12 hr days that day but not anymore. Sorry Charlie! He will be wearing ear plugs from now on!

Today we went to the local Mom's Day Out group to visit and meet the instructor. Our friends from story time, The Richardsons brought us. It was so much fun and Carsyn didnt even know if I was still around or not. She just busily took off playing. If only this morning nap would end she could jump right in! I told Jan, the instructor, that it would probably not be until March before I felt comfortable bringing her. Carsyn still most days wants her morning nap and then struggles to take the afternoon nap. Currently it is wake at 6 nap at 10-11 nap at 3-4, bed at 7:30. I can't wait for this transition, even though I didnt get a break just the 1 hr of play out of the house was exciting for me too!

And TONIGHT I am going to the St. Andrew's missions fundraiser! The event begins and ends at my husband's store, and myself and my father in law are attending. Danny is going to stay home with Carsyn. He is not such the social butterly as myself! We will be caravaned around to several nice homes in the area where we will be indulging in gourmet entrees and then will return to Lott Furniture for the silent auction. I can't wait to actually get dressed up and act like an adult again! The lack of interpersonal relations since I have moved back is not something this outgoing sales rep is used to. I also am excited to meet some new people to spread the word on my photography business! The new home studio will be complete this month! Check out my other blog for new specials and events!

And as if this wasn't unusual fashion...Danny and I are taking a spontaneous road trip to Tupelo Sat and Sun for him to network at the Tupelo furniture market. Yay for uninterrupted sleep and good food for us! This will be my 2nd overnight trip from Carsyn but Nonny will be coming to stay so all is good! This is much needed for myself and husband! We will probably be in the car for the same amount of time we are out of it but I don't care! I'm ready for some catching up on some reading and adult conversation with my hubby!

I am off to get dressed! Here is Miss Carsyn today on her favorite toy enjoying the warmth and sunshine!

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