Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Randomness for your new year

For New Year's Eve we did not get to have our annual party at Ms.Pam's due to her mother's health so we had a quite dinner at home with the Taylor's and their little girl Hannah who is 18mos old. Carsyn did not make it past her bedtime as she was a tired little girl so Hannah lost her playmate at 8PM! Hannah amazes me with her vocabulary and there really that much difference between 18mos and 12mos? I guess so since there is a big difference between 6mos and 12mos! I can't wait to watch Carsyn become more of a little person. Oh what is in store for us for 2009?!

Last night for dessert I made these yummy apple dumplings! I love when people share recipes on blogs or emails so here is one for you to try! They are so easy and DELICIOUS! And I LOVE this website for quick ideas for dinner!

Carsyn and Mr. may recall seeing Mr. Cow in a photo from the summer when Carsyn first became attached to him. I put him in her crib with her when she was about 3/4mos old to use him as a barrier from rolling over and a security cuddly. Well now Carsyn and Mr. Cow have developed a VERY fond relationship and she LOVES him. He is really a pillow/stuffed animal that my previous boss brought to Carsyn from a trip to Los Angeles. She carries him all over the house!

Carsyn received several cds for Christmas and now she is a dancing machine. Nonny taught her how to do the chicken dance and she gets jiggy with it ALL the TIME! I will try to upload a video of it later because it is HEELARIOUS!

Carsyn, Nonny, and I took a roadtrip to the MS Coast on Saturday to visit the Elchos family. We ate lunch at the casino and Carsyn was mesmerized by all of the lights! She also thought the sounds coming from the slot machines were music so she would just start dancing in the middle of the aisle. One of the black jack dealers started laughing from her table across the way! As we all know Carsyn does not like to travel but the trip wasnt too terrible...she would have napped longer on the way had an 18 wheeler decided not to come into our lane and try to run us over and we had to honk the horn! Guess how happy I was at him!

I spoke too soon regarding the morning visits to the sitter. Carsyn's schedule did not jive with the other babies routine at the sitter and I like the way we have it so she will not be going anymore. I will have to wait until she drops this morning nap to take her to Mommy's day out!

Also regarding the schedule....Carsyn has always had a problem sleeping past 5-5:30ish. It is like she wakes up and can't get herself back to sleep but as soon as I come in she falls back asleep in my arms in the chair. No matter how early or how late she goes to bed it is still the same. Well I wouldn't mind except #1 It wakes me up early and #2 she doesnt have a set time she gets up which messes up our schedule sometimes and #3 she wont always let me put her in back in the crib so I have to sit in the recliner until 7ish when she awakens. Anyway wish me luck because starting tomorrow morning I am treating it as if any wake up during the night and I am not going to get her until 6:30 in hopes that she finally figures out how to get back to sleep on her own. When she does drop the morning nap she is going to have to sleep a tad later in the morning to be able to make it to her 1 nap?! Also I haven't quite figured out how I am supposed to get dress when Carsyn doesnt have that 1hr nap in the morning? She is not the type to play on her own and she LOVES to be in the bathroom while I try to get ready?! Here we go worrying again!

Carsyn did finally have her 1 year appointment the week of Christmas. The dr was pleasant and I did inform his nurse of the front desk mishap. She told me she would have fit me in...oh well. Carsyn received the 4 shots which was not pleasant for either of us, but she recovered quickly. She weighed 24.5 lbs which I thought would be more. Her health was in great shape! Now, however, she has broken out into a rash all over her body for the past 2 days and we dont know what it is from. It doesnt seem to bother her but it sure is not pretty!

In regards to my health.....I had an appointment scheduled for my yearly last week. My mom drove down to keep Carsyn. Are you ready for this? I am not kidding?! Yes you have heard it before. I show up for the appointment which was already rescheduled once due to a
C-section...and THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF MY APPOINTMENT! Turns out they did find my appt and they had marked it down for a different day than we discussed so I have to go back this week. I am so over even getting mad....I am going to blame this on holiday season stupids and PRAY that they REALLY aren't all this stupid at every medical facility in Mccomb.
Capt. Pappy, Me, Carsyn, and Olympia (Carsyn doesnt look like an Elchos but we 3 do!)

Carsyn found Santa he is still on the Coast!

She really was happy I guess she is going to have the same problems her dad has with keeping her eyes open for pics!

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