Monday, January 12, 2009

Our weekend update

My weekend began on Friday afternoon. I left Carsyn with CiCi and headed to Florence to photograph one of my best friends from highschool's maternity pictures. It was a lot of fun and I was so happy to share in this important time in her life. After picture taking I ran by some stores that I no longer have access to now that we live in Mccomb...Hobby Lobby (AKA Heaven!), Old Navy, Victoria Secret, and a cute frame shop called Nesbits! Then Lauren and I were driving down Lakeland when I spotted Schlotsky's Deli. This is the only location I know of that remains and I had flash backs to highschool when Martha Ann, Marie, and Lauren used to work there and Sarah and I would go get free sandwiches! We would put them in our purses and go across the street to the movies to eat them! I HAD to have one to see if they were as good as I remembered and they were! Next we went to Sarah's new house to visit and then to Jerry's Catfish for a 10yr reunion meeting. It was so good to see everyone and catch up. These first 10 years out of college haven't really seemed to affect our aging as everyone looked the same if not better!

In the meantime CiCi had handed Carsyn off to Nonny who took her to the Florence/Mccomb soccer game in Mccomb. I hear she had a blast and was very well-behaved. I am pretty sure she will play some type of sport because she loves balls and tries to get on the field/court during all games. Carsyn loves to start clapping when she hears the crowd cheering!

Saturday we scurried around getting ready to go back to Jackson this time with Carsyn in tow to host Lauren's babyshower. Once again we got to reunite with our old gang and let our babies play with one another. It was a really sweet event. Lauren talking to Kaydence in her belly almost made me nostalgic about being pregnant until I snapped out of it recalling the leg cramps, swelling, and lack of breathing! Just kidding it really was sweet. Candise had painted Lauren a canvas for the nursery and I almost teared up. Pics below....

Sunday which is my favorite day was quite and relaxing. Since this is the only day that Danny is home I love to get in quality family time yet I always have a honey-do awaiting him! We played with Carsyn outside on her new bike and let her see the neighbor's dogs(SHE LOVES DOGS BIG AND SMALL!). If she hears a dog on TV or wherever she will start yelling in excitement. She did not want to go down for her afternoon nap so I finally gave up. That evening our neighbors grilled for us....I love when I don't have to do the cooking or cleaning! Thanks guys it was great! Maddy who is only 3months old still can't play just yet but we are getting there! Carsyn just sat watching her play on her playmat. Oh that is another thing Carsyn has rediscovered her "baby" toys the exersaucer and playmat and has wanted me to get them down! As if she doesn't have enough toys as it is!

Update on our naps- well there is not much to report. She definitely only wants to go down for one nap. When she awoke at 5AM last Monday I let her cry until 6 and when I went to get her she fell back asleep in my arms instantly and slept until 8. The other days of the week she woke at 6:30ish and stayed up. On Saturday she awoke at 5 again and went back to sleep with my assistance until 7:30. On Sunday she awoke at 6:15 and stayed up. Today she awoke at 5:00- I didnt let her cry and I went in. She went back to sleep on me and when I went to put her in the crib she cried for 30 min before going back to sleep at 6:30 and sleeping until 8. UGH! It is like she needs some assurance or some milk at 5ish and then goes back to sleep fine. ANY TIPS PLEASE HELP!!! I need her to have a regular wake up time!!!! So now it is 12:15 and she just went down for her one nap I am sure. Hopefully it will last almost 2hrs...fingers crossed.

Carsyn has gotten pretty good at manipulating when it comes to nap time. Instead of crying bloody murder she now bats her eyes and giggles and talks to me and tries to play with my face to encourage me to hold her as long as she can get away with. When I say "It's time to go nightnight and get in the bed" she throws her head down and grabs onto my neck for dear life! She even lookes over at the crib and then up at me and shakes her head and curles up in my arms. JEEZ! I love that she loves me so much but who knew that the crib was sooooo terrible! She usually only skawlks for a minute or so before curling up with Mr. Cow and going to sleep.

For some reason Blogger wont let me post the pics from the shower so click this link to see them.... CLICK HERE

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Angela said...

A playdate would be fun! Sadly, just as she is getting old enough for all the fun stuff, I have to return to work! But we are lucky to have lots of school holidays coming up, so maybe we can set something up soon. And you of course would have to bring that camera!