Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of Preschool

Today was Carsyn's first day of Preschool at Centenary where she will more than likely go 1/2 days until 4 yr old kindergarten. I wasn't really too worried about it- Carsyn has been going to Mother's morning Out for several months so I didn't think it would be too different. Last night we had meet the teacher- the realization that this was in fact school hit me. A big handbook, car pick up line, and party sign up sheets confirmed it! OH MY!

Last night (or morning shall I say) when Carsyn woke at 3:30 I prayed so hard she would go back to sleep quickly so that she would be rested for school. She did go back to sleep by 4 and slept until 7:30. Great yet we were rushed to get out the door in time. Instead of going thru the car line I walked her into school to her class. As I handed her over I waited for the cries but just as she said "MAMA?" I took her off not looking back. Quick like a band-aid! A fellow mommy-friend called to tell me she saw her and she was not crying so I felt pretty secure that she would be fine.
I showed up about 10 min early to pick her up and the choas did not help my nerves. When I arrived to her class the director was holding her and she had tears in her eyes and was saying Mama Mama MAma. They said she had been fine until just right before I got there and apparently someone said Mama and it sent her into a fit. She looked pitiful and clung to me like a koala bear when I picked her up. My thoughts of her sippy milk cup being a pacifier were confirmed when she started saying milk milk milk when we got in the car. She is napping peacefully now but I have a feeling she won't let me out of her sight today.

Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly....
Here are some pics from our morning

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Morgan said...

I hope she does well tomorrow! I cannot believe she is going to preschool.