Tuesday, September 15, 2009

21 months

Carsyn turned 21 months at the end of last week. I have read that at this age some children reverse to baby behavior and/or become less cooperative. Well Carsyn is definitely proving this theory to be true for her. At 18 months she was so content and independent and now its as if she wants to be a little baby again. She doesn't let me out of her sight, she screams bloody murder at Preschool (when she would run right in and play at MMO), she does not take the initiative to go potty anymore, she is waking up more and more at night, etc etc etc.
Her little brain is on overdrive, however, speaking new words every day. Her new most repeated phrase is "MOVE" not in a nice way- I was like where did she hear that and then I heard myself saying it to the dog. Whoops- I am so not a good role model. I don't like seeing my bad traits being mimicked by my child.

Also her little vocabulary is on autopilot repeating a word/phrase OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER until she gets what she wants or gets in trouble. I know this will soon be replaced with the WHY phase OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
Last night she had Danny and I in stitches as she went into her room got out the changing table mat and brought it to her baby doll then went and got the wipes and a diaper and attempted to change her. :) Maybe her maternal instincts will be better than mine....

It seems my mommy-radar has been "off" lately. First we had the incident in the car last week on the side of the road with #2 then one morning last week she awoke at 5:30 (after waking several times during the night) and I was too exhausted to get up so I let her cry until 15 minutes later and discover she had a dirty diaper- Dang it!
Can someone provide me with a mommy brochure with all of the answers? I would appreciate it.

Carsyn, I am trying my best sweetheart. Please bare with mommy and know that I love you and I will try not to cause you any detrimental harm before you are 18.

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