Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd day of Preschool

Well the drop-off went as I expected- A screaming clinging fit. Yes as I turned to run out of the room tears welling up in my eyes the director stopped me in the hall and said " you can call to check in on her if you would like." But I didn't. I knew she would stop. When I arrived to pick her up she was already waiting in the hall with the others. When she saw me she started yelling Mama and started tearing up. I think the chaos that is involved during pick-up time causes her some anxiety because they told me that she is okay until then.

Also I figured out the mystery behind her milk fit the first day. It seems as though at snack they only offer milk with the goldfish and we all know Carsyn will only drink milk out of her milk cup. So she probably went all morning from 8:20-11:20 without anything to drink. I asked the director if she could have water instead and she said that I would have to write a note because they are federally mandated to drink milk? Or I could send her milk cup (which I thought would cause a bigger stir with the other children), but I don't want to do that. She needs to be like the rest of the children. I would love if they could wean her off of this dang cup.

I had no idea this Preschool transition from Mother's Morning Out would be this difficult for her and myself! We LOVE Miss. Jan and she loved us! We were spoiled! Not that her preschool is a bad school (her daddy went there...27 years ago ;) ) but it is soooo much more structured. They did "make" a craft the 2nd day which was a family tree. I tried to make a big deal out of it. Here is a picture of her proudly displaying her art.

I hope this will get easier...I know it will.

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