Thursday, September 24, 2009

It was the best of times and the worst of times

Okay maybe not the worst of times but I have been MIA because my computer has been in the shop for a week!!!! I now know what an alcoholic or smoker feels like trying to kick the habit. Seriously though it did allow me to get my priorities in line with quality time. Dang Facebook! But here is the kicker after picking up my computer and paying $50 to be "fixed" I returned home to hear the same noise and it still not working. So I called the shop and she tells me that noise is the keyboard so all I really needed to have done was replace the KEYBOARD!!! FOR $10!!!! Ahhh I hate these life lessons!

Speaking of life lessons Carsyn has been learning lots of new things lately. Most of them to the embarrassment of her mother! Oh yes we have now entered the stereotypical phase of 2 year old that is portrayed in movies etc. For instance (yes I am aware this is not lady-like behaviour but how do I get her to stop) she is now obsessed with Pooting and Burping which she finds hilarious. So whenever she does it she starts laughing and says Poo Poo Poo. This conundrum however has helped to teach her to go #2 in the potty because she has gone on her own several times this week. Also as with most children this age learning body parts etc she now knows what breasts are so while in Church one day last week she started grabbing mine saying "Boobie Boobie Boobie" in a much too loud voice! I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone while quieting her down.

Carsyn's vocabulary expands daily but currently her favorite word is MESS! And she will intentionally make a MESS so she can say "UH OH MESS TOWEL" Twice yesterday she intentionally dumped her food onto the floor. Oh yeah- Time OUT! But seriously I think I hear the word MESS about 1000 times a day! Besides dumping food she can tear apart a room in 30 seconds flat.

Preschool was much better this week. One day we actually had no tears! The other days she still cried when I dropped her off but did not when I picked her up. Maybe she is getting the hang of it. I have felt guilty these past 2 weeks since I have had no obligations but after next week I will be busy busy with fall portraits so it will be necessary. Thank goodness the seperation anxiety is getting better.

Knock on wood- Carsyn has slept through the night every night this week! WHOOHOO!

Carsyn attended her first Southern Miss football game last week with me and Nonny. Daddy had to work of course. It was a great game despite the 100 degree weather- honestly I bet those VA fans thought they had entered HELL! I took Carsyn since it was an afternoon game and the irony that USM was playing VA (for those who do not know that I lived in VA as a child and my BFF from childhood was always a VA fan) was too much to pass up. I had a custom outfit made by my friend Dawne Taylor and I have to say she was the cutest cheerleader at the Rock. Keturah, us USM fans would like to know what was the song the VA fans sang and held hands after each score? Quite interesting? Carsyn made it to the 3rd quarter and was definitely a trooper! I think I had had enough before her- seriously it was like 100 degrees! The hottest game I have ever attended! Glad the Eagles pulled out the win though I sure didn't want to have to eat my words to Keturah! ;0 SMTTT!


Hughes Family said...

Well I told you you guys would win...we lost to William and Mary...thereby officially ending our football season with the first game of the year! Humph! Glad you guys had such a good time though! :) The song is "The Good Ole Song" sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne" and you throw your arms over the shoulders of those next to you, sway and sing. It's great fun! The words are:

"That good ole song of Wahoowa, we'll sing it o're and o're. It cheers our hearts and warms our blood to hear them shout and roar. We come from ole Virginia where all is bright and gay. Let's all join hands and give a yell for dear old UVA." Then we chant "Wahoowa, wahoowa, Uni-V, Virginia, Hoo Rah Ray, Hoo Rah Ray, Ray, Ray, UVA!"

Lawren said...

What an adorable little cheerleader!!! I see spirit fingers in her future!