Saturday, September 5, 2009

So our week

So our week was not a great one...After the last post our "strange" phase continued. Pretty much from last Thursday to Wednesday of this week was just odd. I hate when I can't say "OH this is why this is happening." There is so much unknown when you have children.

Carsyn finally did start sleeping back through the night around Tuesday- around the same time I put the humidifier back in her room. It seems to help immensely. Does anyone know if the warm mist or cool mist is better? I have the warm mist and her room feels like a sauna when I go get her in the morning. Now that it is getting fall that will be fine but I suppose I will get cool mist for next summer?

On Wednesday Carsyn and her daddy spent a wonderful father/daughter afternoon together while I went to Hammond with a friend for a little mommy R&R! A note to all future mommies- let your husband help and learn from his mistakes. I wanted to control everything and it has taken me 20 months to where I just let him do it his way. Daddies will never get the confidence to do it on their own or the desire to want to help if they constantly hear "That's not right." Coincidentally this exact article was in this month's Parenting magazine, go figure?

We have enjoyed lots of fun with our little playgroup that has formed. We have about 5 girls all about the same age that play together. AND I am super excited about our new play place called Wiggles and Giggles that we shall visit sometime next week.

We head to Hattiesburg tomorrow to visit Nonny and meet baby Aiden (my cousin's new son). Possibly on Monday we will head over to Gautier to try out the play place there called Kangaroo's. Look for some fun pictures and sweet newborn shots next week. I am bringing the heavy artillery to take some "real" portraits.

Also next week Carsyn transitions from Mommy's Morning Out to actual 3 day 1/2 day preschool! We meet the teacher on Tuesday...I will post lots when we return!

This is the sweet girl I missed the past few days...I foundher like this in her bedroom yesterday morning....notice the runny nose that we have had for a week that has been one of the reasons her spirits have been dampened.

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Betsy said...

cool mist humidifires work better for sinus congestion - My peditrician recomends cool mist over warm mist. be sure to spray saline drops in her nose. two squirts in each nostril then rub nose and clean before bed. i do that to my 15mth old every night when he takes a bath.