Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend

This past weekend we traveled over to my mom's house in Hattiesburg for a visit. We rode over on Sunday morning and arrived in time for lunch with her and my dad who drove over from Kiln.

It is so funny to me how Carsyn now recognizes places- as we turned onto her road she started shouting NA NA NA NA (Nonny). Also the other day as we entered the driveway of my inlaws she saw Pop's truck and was shouting POP POP POP. And every time we drive up to the furniture store "DAYDEE DAYDEE."

So back to story...after we ate we went to the Party store to look at a costume I had seen online. My dad actually wanted to come with us...amazing what grandchildren will do to a man. He enjoyed trying on the costumes himself. I did not like the cat costume so we then went to Gymboree at the mall to look at their costumes. Again I was not impressed with the costume nore the $35 price tag. I know that Carsyn will more than likely not keep anything (ears, hat, etc) on her head at his age so why waste the money. Next we went to Belk where they had THE CUTEST "Halloween" outfit. I will refrain from the details so not to spoil the pictures but I believe this will definitely be our "costume" which is great because she can where it to school too for her party festivities.

We left and headed to Laurel to meet my cousin Adam's new baby Aiden. Due to the swine flu precautions my cousin Allison (his sister) was not able to come with us and bring her daughter Gracie as planned. We had intended on taking some shots of the cousins together. So I only took a few shots of him but he was conched out and I could have probably put him in a ton of adorable newborn positions but I didn't want to stress the nervous new mom out!

So onto the night where Carsyn did fairly well sleeping only waking once and quickly going back to sleep. I, on the other hand, did not get much sleep once she got in the bed with me with her feet in my stomach. When we woke the next morning we got dressed and met Allison and Gracie to head to D'Iberville to Kangarooz. Gracie was beside herself with excitement and Carsyn as well. My child LOVES LOVES LOVES the slide! And she says it OVER AND OVER AND OVER! While Carsyn is still a little too young even though they have a toddler section she still had a blast. Of course she wanted to go on the BIG SLIDE like Gracie but I tried to climb up and I couldn't make it carrying a 30lb weight. I swear I don't there is much difference between those contraptions and an army obstacle course! I did manage to make it up the medium slide and go down it with her. Her laugh was priceless!

On our way back home (Carsyn only having a 30 min nap on the way down) both the mommies passed out asleep (Nonny driving of course!) and the children wide awake! So our story takes a terrible turn here. After dropping off Allie and Gracie, Carsyn and I made our way to Mccomb. She was fine for the first 20 minutes but then she started screaming. I thought she was just overtired but she never stopped. So then I thought the seat belt was too tight and was bothering her but after loosening it she still screamed. Then I just thought she was being bad and wanted out of the car seat. And so goes the mommy guilt. After threatening her with discipline I decided to pull over on the side of the road to see inside her diaper. When I got the diaper off I could see the problem- she needed to go #2 and it was not coming to spare the details...I had to assist her. It was terrible I tell you! TERRIBLE! And who felt like the worst mommmy on the planet on the side of the road not knowing my child was in pain! She soon calmed down and we started our trip home again. Only I had to sing "The itsy bitsy spider" over and over and over and over and over again until we arrived home 40 minutes later!

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