Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birth Plan...This isn't my Birth Plan!

Well today Carsyn turned 4 weeks! I can't believe it, yet it seems like labor was soooo long ago! I have been meaning to write a post with the account of how my labor and delivery went so not to forget any details, but well....I have a newborn so my time is alotted into two hour spurts between feedings! I will try to get in as much writing as I can!

We ended up inducing labor on the evening of December 10th. Danny and I checked into the hospital and the series of events began. I am going to be somewhat graphic...just a warning! Danny had no idea what he would be involved in when we arrived!

Apparently I was very dehydrated upon arrival so they began pumping an entire bag of fluids into my body. Without warning I had to tee-tee in less than 5 minutes. The nurse informed me I could not get up for an hour, so I tried to hold it but ended up having to use a bedpan for the first time ever! DISGUSTING! This is not starting out the way I intended! So....they had a fetal monitor attached to my gigantic belly which was quite unpeasant and did I mention the nurse missed my vein the first try on inserting the IV so she had to re-do it!!!! OUCH!! Anyway another 30 minutes pass and Crap I have to tee-tee AGAIN! So instead of me having to bother the nurse Danny brings me the bedpan again! He had to hold it and dump it out! The first of his many assistantships! So they give me a sleeping pill to get some rest....I didn't want it...it didn't work! I stayed awake most of the entire night. I had to get up a couple of more times to go the bathroom. Apparently I went into labor on my own before the PITOCIN was given to me but it was not too terrible. So fast forward to 5AM when the nurse came in and told me to take a shower if I would like before the doctor arrived. Mind you strapped to all kinds of IVS and monitors. Not what I intended the birth experience to be like. Well as many of you females know the bowels have a way of cleaning themselves naturally to prepare for labor...soooo that had begun earlier in the morning. Well...Danny had to assist with showering me and cleaning up my bottom! I was in a pretty good deal of pain but I was still doing okay. Next comes the doctor to check me and break my water. I think I was a few centimeters dialated. Well once again...Danny had to assist with breaking my water!!!! Poor guy! At this point I needed some pain relief so I was given something, I don't know what! Then Fast Forward really quickly and the nurse and doctor tell me her heart rate was dropping with every contraction. So a c-section was probably in order....I didn't want that. BUT it looked like there would be no choice. So in comes the epidural which didn't hurt too much but how do I know I am already looped up on pain meds! So I start yelling to Danny where is my mom?! Where is my dad?! Who of course are on there way to the hospital because we thought this would be an all day affair! It is about 10AM mind you so from here on out things get a little fuzzier...I am wheeled into surgery. I know Danny is beside me and there a bunch of people over me but that is about it. I can hear things and see lights but that is about all. I hear them pull her out and start cheering and yelling about how beautiful she is. Then they bring her to me and put her in my face and I say "OH she has her Daddy's nose! :(" Then she is whisked away and I am left to lay there for what felt like eternity as Danny went to show off his new pride and joy to our families. I kept saying "Where is my baby! Bring me my baby!" Finally I get back to the room to wait BY MYSELF and eventually my baby is brought to me followed by my family. I am pretty looped up so the rest of the day is quite a blur. 7 lbs 15 oz 20 1/2in! I am glad we both made it through labor and delivery healthy and successfully but I do not think this is the way I would have wanted my birthplan to go! I am not sure if inducing caused the c-section but I may have chosen an alternate method!

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