Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hospital stay and the first days home!

The first night after Carsyn's birth I was in a complete fog. There were so many people who kept coming into my room checking stuff. I had sent Carsyn to the nursery but they brought her to me for feedings. Even though I was in a dazed state we both took to the breastfeeding well. I truely enjoyed these moments because it was just her and me. Danny was asleep on the pull out sofa and he would wake to assist me with adjusting myself but he was exhausted as well. The next morning was pretty rough- I was in pain and it seemed like 100 people kept walking into my room telling me information beginning at 8AM while I was still half-asleep (as if I will remember this I thought). I was told someone would come help me take a shower...I waited... no mom shower...finally the poor lactation lady came in and Danny barked "WHO ARE YOU?!" Poor lady but we were so tired of not knowing what was going on. SOOO finally this lady enters to help me shower. I went to get in and she disappeared---SO Danny had to come in and bath me AGAIN!!!! He had to wash my hair and wash me down. I was crying the entire time. Then when I went to get out I didn't know what to put on (girls you know) so finally Kay (who became my favorite nurse) saved me and showed me what I was supposed to do. Phew...what a rocky start. The remaining days went much better and I always looked forward to waking up to feed Carsyn and have our nightly chats.

Fast forward to the 4th day, and it is time to get the heck out of dodge and take our baby girl home. Carsyn had come down with jaundice so there were extra precautions that had to be taken. If we thought that alot of people came in the 1st day....BOY did 3X the number of people come in the last day. I was really getting overwhelmed but finally things started making sense. Soooo anywho, I was getting dressed to leave and I had terrible nausea! CRAP! I wanted to get out of this place! After a brief nap with some phenagren I was good to go.

When we arrived home our first obstable to tackle was introducing Trey (1st child- toy poodle) to Carsyn. He did amazing and has remained so to this day. He is so protective and always keeps a watchful eye if a stanger is around or a lot of people.

The jaundice machine was terrible! She had to be attached to it for 48 hours straight and a nurse would come every morning to check her levels. Breastfeeding became a little more difficult but was still ok. Since Carsyn was eating every 2 hours for almost 30min-hour at a time I was also strapped to the machine!!!! When we got the news that her levels were good it was the best feeling!

My mom had been with us the entire week and initially I had wanted to come home by ourselves but after the c-section my abilities were limited so we welcomed her assistance and expertise. Thanks mom we couldn't have done it without you!

Danny's mother came down for a few days after my mom left and she was quite helpful as well. She mostly cooked and cleaned so I was getting used to this pampering!

Then we were on our own.....

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