Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outing with Carsyn

Well I thought I would share a rather humorous story about an outing I had with Carsyn for all the people who don't have children!

Since she was 11 days old Danny and I have ventured out with Carsyn for brief spurts to get out of the house. Usually we feed her a bottle and she sleeps through it until 2 hrs later when she is ready to eat again and we are back home.

Here lately she has become much more fussier than before. It is like she turned one month and became more difficult. I thougt the first days home were supposed to be the toughest but I guess it continues to get more challenging!

So on Sunday it was a beautiful day and I thought "Okay we are getting out of here for a while!"
The new Battlehouse hotel was having a bridal show and my magazine was present with a booth distributing our new bridal edition. I thought " This should be fun and it will be wideopen space to wheel her around and she can meet the co-workers that she hasn't met yet!"

So I get myself ready and then I go to get her ready and she spits up on me so I have to change again. So we leave 30 min late but that is okay (remember I was trying to stay on a 2 hr time limit because I hate feeding her away for home) and we arrive downtown. Now, at my house in West Mobile it was warm but down by the Mobile Bay it was QUITE chilier. I always bring her blanket with me usually under much scrutiny from Danny saying I am making her too warm, but NOT THIS TIME DID I HAVE HER BLANKET. Crap, a little twinge of mommy guilt. So I race into the Battlehouse to get warm and use the handicap ramp- new experience. I see the entrance to the bridal show so I wheel her over. Keep in mind that this hotel is from like the early 1900s and is very formal. I get to the entrance and I assumed the cost would be like $5 and I had only brought in $10. The lady says "Are you a bride?" and I think " Um hello I have a baby in a carriage and rings on my hand I don't think so" then she says " that will be $12!" Are you kidding me $12~~~ sorry I only have $10 I say, but I am with a vendor do they get free passes because if so I can call them to bring me one. No she says but we will take the $10. Gee thanks!

Well there is no ramp at this entrance so the lady has to help me carry the stroller up the steps into the room that is probably 16X20 and filled with like 100 women. Apparently at this bridal show the vendors are split into tee-tiny rooms all over the hotel! Great! Picture me wheeling the stroller through all of these hundreds of women sipping on champagne and taste-testing cake! Well I look for Mobile Bay Monthly booth- nope don't see it. I finally ask a patron" Oh they are on the 2nd floor" I carry the stroller back down the stairs (bymyself this time) and go the elevator- there is Floor 2 and Floor 2R-- I go to Floor 2, nope not here, I go to Floor 2R, nope not here. I ask another patron- " Oh they are on the first floor to the side off of a hallway." Great- I treck back down stairs. Now, Carsyn has begun to wake a little.

I finally find my work's booth and Lawren and my co-worker's wife Alexis run over to meet Carsyn. Of course I am blocking traffic with my big stroller. Lawren says "You didn't pay did you- I could have given you a pass!" Oh well! I am there about 7 minutes when Carsyn wakes up- I pick her up for Lawren to see and she begins softly crying. Uh Oh do I smell poop?! Crap, literally, I tell Lawren I am going to find the nearest restroom- I may be back and I may not.

I head to the Lobby- all Lobbies have restrooms in hotels right!? NO, not the BATTLEHOUSE! I ask an employee she looks to the 2nd floor and then says here let's go see if there is one in the bar! Now Carsyn is screaming! We go to the bar- guess what there is a bathroom but no changing table in a bar, of course! I pull out her handy-dandy changing pad and lay her on the vanity- knocking the pricey soaps and lotions out of the way. Of course, I had her dressed cute so I had to take off her pants then unbutton the onsie then pull the diaper off and poop! My mom-poopdar was WRONG! So I think are you hungry again?! So I pull out an emergency bottle and give it to her. She begins eating, but not ferociously just kind of nonchalantely sucking holding onto the nipple. So I decide to giveup and head to the car and leave. $10 less and 5minutes of visiting later!

I was so traumatized that when my friend Penny asked me the next night if I wanted to go grab some dinner and take Carsyn out I was like NO NO NO NO NO! But we did and after receiving a bottle in the parking lot- Carsyn allowed me to enjoy a quick dinner and slept through it.

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