Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Mommy Must Haves

Since I have been a mommy for over 5 weeks now I can now give advice to new mommy- to- be right?! Well here is my lifesaving must have list of items that have helped me survive the first month!

#1 The Swing! This is the only way I can get a shower! It is THE BEST invention EVER!

#2 The Carseat! I use this as an alternative to the swing to have somwhere to set her while she sleeps or while I am doing something such as cooking dinner while she "talks" to me!

#3 The Snap and Go stroller- SOOOOO much easier than a travel system you just pop the car seat down in the holder and GO! We really enjoy this on our walks.

#4 Mylicon drops- A LIFESAVE for Gassy babies although she still gets some discomfort

#5 Bouncy Chair- Recent purchase that I hope will be an alternative to the car seat/swing as another place to set her and help her to sleep.

#6 Activity Play Mat/Gym- She loves to spend her morning play time looking at the objects on the playgym!

My child however does not like her bassinet AT ALL! I would recommend purchasing one that rocks or vibrates or something!

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