Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well that made me feel a little better quitely screaming via typing! What a stressful week I have had. Since my last post when I was relieved to be leaving work it quickly went downhill!

First, I began to feel ill Thursday evening and into Friday. Carsyn's "cold" had also continued to hang around. Friday late afternoon we left for Mississippi. I definitely would not have ventured on this trip had my cousin who we seldom see been coming into town from Colorado. Once I arrived at my mom's, I crashed and handed Carsyn over to her. I let her take the middle of the night feedings so I could get some sleep and see if I could kick this sickness. The next day I still felt bad but we loaded up and went to visit my grandmother. Carsyn continued to be stuffy and choke on her bottles because she couldnt breathe. My stamina was dimenishing but the girls were all supposed to get together to go out to dinner. So we headed back to Hattiesburg but only myself and one cousin were able to go to dinner. Since we don't often get to indulge in dining out experiences now that we are mommies we still wanted to go. Allison and I had a grand time at the Walnut Circle Grill, a beautiful and quaint restaurant in downtown Hattiesburg while we congratulated ourselves for being MILFS- see photo of new hair and jeans that fit!

When I got back to my mom's the other two cousins, Lauren and Megan, arrived to meet Carsyn. She put on a good show laughing and talking to them. See Lauren and Carsyn photo #2.

THEN....I crashed! I woke up at one of Carsyn's feedings with an over 100 fever. My mom surely thought I had the flu! What?! After all of the work I had done to keep Carsyn sick free now I HAVE THE FLU?!
When I awoke on Sunday expecting to head back to Mobile later that morning, I still felt bad and my fever was around 100 still. So I decided to treck to the Immediate Care clinic to get on some meds to ensure my baby didn't get it. After waiting outside the building in a line of around 25 that circled the building I finally got my visit with the doctor who was great! The best doctor I have seen including OBGYN, Hospital Staff, Pediatrician, etc in the last 4 months. I wish I could see him all of the time. He told me I had a negative flu test but because of Carsyn he would treat me for it in case it was too early to tell. When I got back to my mom's I took my meds and crashed. I wasn't able to hold my baby from Saturday until Tuesday! It was horrible and when she would cry I couldnt help her. So I obviously couldnt drive home so I stayed again until Monday. I felt better Monday but my Mother-n-law met me in Hattiesburg to follow me back to Mobile and stay until Wed morning since I needed to keep my distance from Carsyn. BTW, good thing I am not nursing or I wouldnt have been able to get my meds.

So that is about about Carsyn....

Her "cold" has continued for 3 weeks- but no fever and no ill temperment so now I began to think allergies. Everyone means well but they all offer their suggestions and I don't know what to believe. She is not upset but she does have trouble eating because she can't breath and she chokes at night from the drainage. So I got to thinking maybe she is allergic to her fomula because Danny had to be on soy milk. So last night she broke out into a slight rash on her face and swollen cheek and eye. So I call the afterhours doctor they tell me to bring her in. The doctor pretty much tells me that she is fine, healthy, and has no problems with her formula or she would have stomach issues. She is too young to be tested for allergies and unless running a fever is fine. Her congestion is probably due to the weather and the season as is her rash. He even told me to begin giving her fruit and cereal in a couple of weeks since she is already so big. WHAT?! Everywhere I turn someone has a different opinion! Can't someone just tell me what to do?! And I honestly do not feel like her congestion should be continuing this long and I defnitely did not like the manner in which both her regular pediatrician and this other pedi treated me and dismissed my fears. I am definitely on the search for a new clinic if any of you Mobilians have any suggestions. Possibly a female?

Is it Spring time yet?!

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