Monday, February 11, 2008

Sometimes the best plans are not Planned

I am a planner....a BIG PLANNER! I plan EVERYTHING! This weekend our intended plans got halted so we didnt have any plans. Sometimes no plans result in the best weekend.

Danny and I had been discussing getting another vehicle so we would have any extra one to cart Miss Carsyn to and fro but we couldnt agree on one. He wanted a Maxima- I've never been a huge fan, but I found a great deal on a beautiful used one. We went over the Bay to this new dealership just to "look" at it and 2 hrs later we were driving it off of the lot. A little quick for my taste, but oh well it is beautiful and a great deal! Now we are going to fight over who gets to drive it!

Then Saturday morning I got up to run an errand or to and when I got back my dad called to say he was coming over for lunch and to visit. When he arrived we went to pick up Danny for lunch and then went to Best Buy. My dad is a professional gambler(jk but he could be!)--he does not lose hardly ever and that is because he really plays it like a game with strategies not just luck. So when he got home last week from work I said "Dad if I give you $150 can you make it $300 so I can buy a new video camera to record Carsyn?!" And sure enough he did and so we went to Best Buy to pick it out- he also bought himself a 40 in Sony Plasma while he was there. This must be the weekend for impulse purchases!

Anywho, I now have a new video camera that I am learning to use. I recorded Carsyn yesterday but I have yet to figure out how to upload it to the computer. The salesman told me I could use a USB port but I think he is mistaken I think I have to buy a new kind of cable. I will have to research this some more.

On the bright side, a tape I took from our Alaska trip in 06 which I thought was lost fits this camcorder so I got to see it again and will be able to convert it to DVD- it has a whale flipping completely in the air out of the water!

Saturday night I attempted to put Carsyn in her crib and from 10-12:45Am she was awake so I ended up bringing her to bed so we could all get some sleep. I did everything I was supposed to do to get her to sleep on her own but she still wasnt having it!

Sunday morning, Danny surprised us by not going to work. He works 7 days a week so this completely caught me off guard. We had a enjoyable lunch and then the entire fam including poodle Trey took a nap on the sofa.

Once evening arrived though, Carsyn became irritable and was up all night with a cold so we did not get much sleep last night. She has to get her shots today for 2 months so I am sure this evening will not be much better for sleep!

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