Friday, February 8, 2008


Yeah for Fridays!!!!!!!!! What a whirlwind of a week! It seems like it has taken forever to reach Friday and I had Tuesday off for Mardi Gras! We did not partake in any parades this year much to Capt. Pappy's dismay. I told him we would catch one next year. Carsyn and I spent the day just hanging out at the house in our pjs!

When I picked Carsyn up from the sitter on Monday it didn't take me as long as I thought it would and she seemed well taken care of. ..worth the longer drive and hassle to ensure she is kept safely. The sitter's one year old little boy was amazed by Carsyn and kept touching her as if he didn't think she was for real! My bottle system seemed to work well and it seems like Carsyn eats less when she is not around me- seriously, maybe she thinks she is supposed to eat when I am around.

Yesterday the college student kept Carsyn at our house- it seemed to go well. Carsyn was quite fussy with some stomach issues but Courtney seemed to handle it well. I had this terrible feeling that she wouldn't show up but she did right on time.

Next week my mom is coming to stay a night and day while Danny goes to Mississippi for the grand opening of his family's new store. I didnt want to have to get her loaded up for the sitter by myself and besides Nonny is having withdrawls I am sure! I also have my Friday off again next week! Yeah- it makes so much of a big difference only working 4 days of the week.

Last night Carsyn went with me to Bunko to meet the Bunko Babes~ my friend Sarah who had the same duedate as me also brought her son, Colt. They had their first playdate which consisted of sleeping! Ha Ha! Carsyn was so well behaved and just sat looking and listening to everyone! I will post a pic of the two Bunko Babies when it is emailed to me! It is amazing how they are experiencing the exact same things at the exact same time such as discovering their hands and eating habits, etc! They even have similar expressions and yawns that I guess all babies do.

This weekend we had intentions of going to the Coast in MS to visit my dad's family but the flu is just out of control in Mississippi and all of my little cousins are still in school so I think I might postpone this trip. I think I am going to get my dad to come see us instead since he is home.

Besides when I saw how much laundry needed to be done in the utility room this morning I almost had a panic attack!!!!!! Looks like that is what I will be doing for the most part this weekend!

Look for my next post at the end of the weekend to see what was in store for us!

Amanda :)

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