Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekends have taken on an entirely new meaning!

After my last post (nervous breakdown!) I came to my senses a little better. These past few days have been heavenly spending them with my baby girl! I may be crazy but I swear it was like Thursday night she knew that MOM was home and has been attached to me the entire weekend! She has been smiling and laughing non-stop! Maybe we are approaching an easier phase? Friday I had off of work as I will be off on Fridays until March 1st. I sure wish I could have every Friday at home?! Maybe I can ask the bosses? Carsyn rewarded me with sleeping from 10-4:45 on Friday night! That was awesome!

Saturday we ran a few errands and picked up a friend's bassinet that vibrates in hopes that she would sleep in it (she didn't last night :( I will keep trying!)

Today was such a beautiful day that I had to get her outside. She had her first visit to Church- which went very well! I didn't have to get up until right at the ending to avoid a crying spell. We spent the afternoon working in the yard and taking pictures.

Last year I did some photography sessions and have been on leave since about July (too hot for a pregnant woman in the south to take pictures!). I have been asked if I will be doing Easter Portraits again, so I wanted to practice on Carsyn. Two of the pics are from this morning after church and the Vday one was taken this afternoon. I had forgotten how much I loved taking pics. Next I need to get my studio lights!

Tomorrow will be the real test since we didn't have to take Carsyn to the sitter this week. It should be interesting! Atleast it is a good friend of ours!

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